Bio Ion Jewellery

Our exclusive range of Bio Ion Jewellery was developed by Dr Keiji Kato, winner of the Ohm Technological Prize, and is said to be beneficial for, Improving blood circulation, high blood pressure, fatigue, arthritis, stiff neck, general calming and soothing, slow metabolism, insomnia, blood purification, increase in concentration, betterment of depression and age prevention.

To help you with further information about the effects of ions on our health we have extrapolated the following extract from The Ionizer Site,

"The effect of negative ion depletion (or an excess of positive ions) varies from person to person. The least fortunate can suffer migraine, asthma and even severe depression. Most authorities on the subject agree that ions act on our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the bloodstream accelerate the delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissues, whereas positive ions slow down this delivery of oxygen, producing symptoms markedly like those in anoxia (or oxygen starvation). The body chemical serotonin, which scientists have identified to be linked with stress and changes in mood, is also influenced by air ion levels. Too many positive ions alter the levels, causing stress and discomfort whereas increasing the negative ion concentration helps bring relief. Researchers believe that negative ions may stimulate the reticulo-endothelial system, a group of defence cells in our bodies which marshal our resistance to disease. Organizations that have installed negative air ionization equipment have found that their employees are less likely to get colds, report absent less frequently and are generally more cheerful and alert. Scientists have also recommended the use of negative air ionizers in the closed and artificial atmospheres of submarines and spacecraft. Our modern vehicles have their problems too! Basically they are a plastic-lined metal shell, with air supplied through ducting, all these factors dramatically increase levels of positive ions, even opening a window can cause further problems by letting in polluted, ion deficient city air. Many drivers, (long-distance drivers in particular) find that using an ionizer in their vehicle improves their alertness and concentration along with the usual benefits of removing pollen and smoke. Passengers that suffer travel sickness, often report a significant improvement too!"

On the sea-shore where the water is always falling there are about 2000 negative ions to 1000 positive ions, this is the ratio to which humans respond to most favourably as the negative ions have a positive effect on us. Our daily shower routine is, in effect, the practice of preventive medicine, the falling water creates thousands of negative ions which breaks down the serotonin levels in the blood .

Lethal doses of positive ions lie within our polluted cities. These are negative ions which have been attracted to airborne particles such as dust, car exhausts fumes, factory fumes, cigarette smoke, cooking and heating fumes, overcrowding etc. This causes the level of negative ions to drop considerably. Higher concentration levels of negative ions can be found up in the mountains, in the countryside and particularly near waterfalls. The effect of negative ion depletion (or an excess of positive ions) slows down the delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissues and therefore produces stress and discomfort, fatigue, slow metabolism, changes in mood, migraines, asthma and even severe depression.

The following information about Bio-Ion Jewellery has been researched and compiled by Pat, who used to be a Senior Salesperson at The Japanese Shop;

"The bio-ion jewellery is said to be beneficial for many conditions and from my own experience it has been very beneficial. During the winter I slipped on the ice on my way to work which resulted in a fracture of the humerus (the neck of the arm joint) and is one of the worst and most painful fractures to get. I also had a trapped nerve as a result of the fall. As I don’t like taking lots of painkillers I bought some pain patches for £19.95. These work on the same principle as a Tens Machine which is a non-invasive treatment and were very effective but only lasted for about 2 weeks. After buying another 2 lots of these we had a delivery of Bio-Ion bracelets from Japan which Jez (the owner) had seen at an exhibition in Japan, anything to alleviate the pain, I thought, and no drugs involved, so I bought a Bio-Ion bracelet and found to my amazement that the awful aches and pains subsided. A few weeks later I went to London for the week-end and started with the aches and pains again during the evening. I thought the life-span of the bracelet had come to an end. My husband asked if I had actually put it on after my shower and,yes you’ve guessed it – I hadn’t put it on. This has happened a few times when I have been dashing off somewhere and the aches occur again. My husband, who wouldn’t be seen dead with any type of bracelet or neck piece, damaged his shoulder after a biking accident. We were on holiday at the time and he needed pain relief, I reluctantly let him wear my Bio-Ion but he was very sceptical, however, he was quite amazed how much relief he received from wearing it and, yes I started with my aches again. Since coming home from holiday I’ve had to buy him one of his own!"

Bio Ion Jewellery