16 Helpful Japan Travel Tips You Should Know Before Visiting Japan

Before visiting the beautiful country there are a few Japan Travel Tips which will help you make your experience more enjoyable and most importantly not offend the locals! Going to a brand new country where you know very little about the culture and traditions can be challenging. Here at The Japanese Shop we want you to have the best trip whilst being prepared just in case something comes up which you weren’t expecting. Here’s 16 Japan Travel Tips which will help kick start your Japanese journey.

1. Bowing

In Japan it is considered polite to bow when you meet someone, thank them or say goodbye. There are a few different types of the bow however a simple bow of the head will be accepted for visitors. If you would like to take your bowing to the next level, here’s a guide to Japanese bowing.

A female bowing to a whale May 10, 2008 [ Paul Synnott] from Osaka, Japan A female bowing to a whale

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