Have a break with beautiful dish and cup!

If you have your favourite tableware, why don’t you use it in any occasions?

How about this plate?


Can you remember what I used this plate before? I used this when I introduced Teriyaki Sauce. (It will take you to the previous food blog page) Then this time is completely in different purpose to use. It is for snack time! This plate is so feminine, so it is nice relax time between works, or even if  husband could prepare this for his wife is much nicer!!! I made flapjack for my daughter’s school lunch box, but you can just use shop bought one with favourite drink. Don’t you think this snack time makes so special?



Flapjack is actually English food, we don’t have in Japan, but don’t you think it is no matter to mix with Japanese tableware and English food?


Kinomi Sushi PlateKinomi Tea Cup

Have a lovely day!


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