Mother’s Day is that special day in the year when we get to show our mothers how much we care. This year, Mother’s Day will fall on the 3rd of April in the UK, however in Japan it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, together with many other countries around the world.  To celebrate the day in true Japanese fashion, find your mum the ultimate authentic gift at The Japanese Shop.

In Japan, Mothers Day is known as ‘Haha no hi’, and dates back many years to the Showa period when it was first created to celebrate the birthday of Empress Kojun, mother of the Emperor Akihito. In modern day Japan, Mothers Day began in 1913 when Christians first began celebrating the day before later when, during the Second World War, all western customs were put to a stop. Finally after the war, ‘Haha no hi’ became marketed as an annual holiday and is still celebrated to this day.Mother and Baby Kokeshi Doll Mother's Day

Carnations are one of the most popular and traditional gifts to give on Mother’s Day in Japan as the flowers are said to represent mothers because of their symbolism of sweetness, purity and patience. At The Japanese Shop we have a wide selection of other Mothers Day gifts to suit all budgets.

Our unique range of traditional and modern gifts is bound to make your mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day. We have a gift to suit every mum’s personality from our beautiful Red Flower Cotton Kimono or Pink Flower Silk Kimono to the delightful Mother and Baby Kokeshi Doll and the popular Feng Shui Happiness Lucky Cat. Our For You Tenugui is also ideal for Mother’s Day, it is a woven cotton hand towel that can be used as a dishcloth, headband or for decoration.

Pink Silk Flower Kimono mothers day

For an added special touch, give your gift with one of our scented Fan Fragrance Cards like the Red Geisha Fan Fragrance Card, we will be happy to write your message in Japanese for you as well as wrap your gift with our beautiful Japanese gift wrapping service, free of charge.

The Japanese Shop supplies a fabulous selection of both contemporary and traditional Japanese products so visit our online store today to view our range of special Mothers Day gifts.

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