Celebrating Mothers Day in Japan

Mother’s Day is dedicated to the love we have for our mothers, through showing them just how much we care and appreciate everything they do for us. Japanese Mother’s Day, which translates as ‘Haha No Hi’ is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, much like it is in many places across the world. Before 1949, Mother’s Day in Japan used to be celebrated on the 6th of March, when Empress Kojun celebrated her birthday.

How is Mother’s Day Celebrated in Japan?

Although Mother’s Day in the UK is celebrated in March, Mother’s Day in Japan is similarly always celebrated on Sunday. Just like in the UK, the Japanese also don’t work on a Sunday and so people can share this day with their families.

Like in the UK, children use this day to give presents to their mothers. These gifts are usually in the form of flowers, particularly red carnations. Carnations are rich in symbolism, representing a gentle strength, purity and sweetness, just like our mothers! Throughout Japan, many businesses decorate their shop windows with carnations to celebrate the day. Although carnations are not native to Japan, their symbolism has become synonymous with Japanese culture and society.

Just as we would greet our mothers with ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, children in Japan greet their mothers with ‘Haha-no-hi!’ alongside presenting them with their flowers and gifts.

Mother’s Day Dishes in Japan

Japanese Mother’s Day is celebrated in authentic Japanese style, with the cooking of traditional Japanese food. Mother’s Day in Japan is associated with the egg, so egg-based dishes tend to be popular on the day. One of these interesting and unique culinary delights comes in the form of Tamagoyaki, a rectangular Japanese omelette. Another is Chawanmushi, which looks and tastes like the food product we know as Egg Custard. This is usually flavoured with soy sauce.

Gifts Perfect for Japanese Mother’s Day

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