Christmas decorations and our choice of products

I thought this is a great idea for Christmas decorations.


Arranged by Jez’s mother, Pat.

Hiromi and Pat have decorated our showroom for Christmas. and Pat put some Origami Crane birds on Christmas Reef to add some oriental. I think it works!


There are bright colours and patterns in our origami papers so that papers stands out in green colour!


Large Washi Origami Papers is £9.00 is one of our popular Origami Papers. This is good size for beginners, It is not small paper so that easy to manage.

Here is Hiromi’s choice of today.


This cute mug is definitely ideal for stocking fillers! Good size, cute drawing, and good price, too!



This is my choice of today. Tokyo station Christmas card.Have you decided which one to give for Christmas card for this year? If you know someone who went to Japan for travel, business or used to live in Japan. This card is so lovely. You will see Tokyo Station and lots of little santas there.

By Nai




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