A DIY Christmas: How to Make Origami Christmas Decorations

Labelled ‘the most generous Christmas shoppers in the world’, us Brits tend to get carried away over the festive period, spending an estimated £796 on Christmas goodies each year.  But who said Christmas had to have such a negative effect on our bank balance? With DIY programmes like ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas’ rising in popularity, more and more people are opting to make their own gifts and decorations over the festive period.

A great way to show off your dexterity and creativity, origami decorations are cost-effective, easy to make and most importantly, stunning. Origami (ori- kami), the act of folding paper, has been practised in Japan since the 17th century. Traditionally used in Japanese ceremonies and exchanged as tokens of good luck between Samurai, origami is a respected art form, sculpting something from nothing and making the seemingly unbeautiful beautiful.


The colour, design and shape possibilities within the field of origami are only as limited as your imagination. However, it is a good idea to think carefully about which is the right origami paper for your project before you get crafting, as this will ensure that you end up with a sculpture of the desired size and pattern.



There are numerous origami Christmas tree decoration ideas to choose from, ranging from the classic bauble to cute penguins.  At The Japanese Shop we used a selection of our authentic, patterned origami and premium washi papers to craft some of our favourite decorations: the Christmas tree, star and funky bauble.


If, after Christmas is over, you want to further hone your origami skills, our list of instructions, ideas and inspiration will provide you with lots of stunning origami projects to keep you busy all year round.

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