Multiple Japanese melon pan.

Popular Japanese Sweets and Treats

The rich and unique Japanese flavours found in Japanese cuisine are strongly associated with premium-quality seafood dishes and classy restaurants, amongst many other culinary delights. However, sweet treats often fall by the wayside when it comes to our (Western) knowledge of Japanese cuisine – and boy we’re missing out! Here, we explore a guide to …

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Giant Pikachu Mascot at An Event

What is Japanese Kawaii Culture?

Japan’s cultural influence is recognised globally, from anime to gaming to fashion trends. One sub-culture which has become increasingly popular is Japanese kawaii culture, which has permeated across the globe as a result of globalisation and an increasingly technological world. If you’ve heard of Hello Kitty, you’ve already had a glimpse into Japanese cute culture, …

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Shibori indigo dye japan

Shibori Dyeing Techniques

As Shibori patterns grow more popular and more fashionable on the British high street, we thought we’d dig a little deeper into the history of the traditional Japanese tie-dyeing. Read on to discover the different types of Shibori dyeing techniques. What is Shibori? Shibori – meaning to wring or squeeze – is an old Japanese …

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yukata festival japanese summer clothing

Japanese Summer Clothing

The Japanese have cultural festivals abound, and they don’t stop when the temperature (not to forget the humidity) ramp up! When you step outside into a Japanese summer, you’ll realise you’d probably rather be naked… It’s so hot! Luckily Japanese summer clothing exists, and you’ll want to grab yourself some in no time. Traditional summer …

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omamori guide

The Quick Guide to Omamori!

Omamori – what are they? What does it mean? What do I keep mentioning them at every shrine in every travel blog post? Well it’s probably about time I explained what these beautiful little things are. Omamori are commonplace in traditional Japanese culture, and if you get the opportunity to travel the Land of the …

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okunoin cemetery wakayama

Top 3 Must-Visit Locations in Japan: Wakayama

Welcome back to the final instalment in the mini-series on my top Japanese locations! If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out the first two posts on Okayama and Tottori! This week I will introduce you to my absolute favourite place in Japan, situated at the top of Mt. Kōya in Wakayama. Wakayama prefecture …

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