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Celebrating Father’s Day in Japan

Father’s Day in Japan, or 父の日(chichi no hi), shares many similarities with the British holiday. Read on to learn how to celebrate Father’s Day the Japanese way, and discover some Japanese messages to try in your greetings card! Father’s Day in Japan Like in the UK, Father’s Day in Japan is celebrated on the third …

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Shibori indigo dye japan

Shibori Dyeing Techniques

As Shibori patterns grow more popular and more fashionable on the British high street, we thought we’d dig a little deeper into the history of the traditional Japanese tie-dyeing. Read on to discover the different types of Shibori dyeing techniques. What is Shibori? Shibori – meaning to wring or squeeze – is an old Japanese …

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yukata festival japanese summer clothing

Japanese Summer Clothing

The Japanese have cultural festivals abound, and they don’t stop when the temperature (not to forget the humidity) ramp up! When you step outside into a Japanese summer, you’ll realise you’d probably rather be naked… It’s so hot! Luckily Japanese summer clothing exists, and you’ll want to grab yourself some in no time. Traditional summer …

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omamori guide

The Quick Guide to Omamori!

Omamori – what are they? What does it mean? What do I keep mentioning them at every shrine in every travel blog post? Well it’s probably about time I explained what these beautiful little things are. Omamori are commonplace in traditional Japanese culture, and if you get the opportunity to travel the Land of the …

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10 Japanese Products Japan is Famous For

There are many amazing products, gifts and themes Japan is famous for or associated with. As a culture, popular Japanese products today are often founded in history, usually growing in popularity due to practicality, religion or tradition. With so many popular Japanese products out there it can be difficult to know which ones are the …

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How to Use a Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

You have invested time and money into finding the perfect gift for a loved one for Christmas, so it’s important that your gift is packaged with the same love and attention. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese gift wrapping cloth, Furoshiki fabric is usually either cotton or silk and comes in varying patterns and colours. Wrapping your Christmas …

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Japanese gift ideas

10 Must-Buy Japanese Christmas Presents

Find the Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Japanophile in your Life With Christmas a matter of weeks away, the countdown is on to accumulate the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you have a shinnichi in your life, or are just on the hunt for unique Japanese Christmas presents, we are here to make …

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Japanese Origami Valentines Day

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts from Japan

Capture their heart this Valentine’s Day with authentic Japanese gifts that will be cherished for years to come. If you want to treat your loved one to something a little different this Valentine’s Day, where better to seek inspiration than the land of the rising sun? From flowing silk kimono to nodding maneki-neko (lucky cats), …

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Discovering The Basics of the Shinto Religion

The Shinto religion is the oldest surviving and widely practised Japanese religion, however its relevance in modern day society is still very much present throughout Japan. In this blog post, we have complied all the basic essentials you need to know about Shinto including; it’s origins, Shinto beliefs, places of worship and how the Shinto …

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