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10 Must-Buy Japanese Christmas Presents

Find the Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Japanophile in your Life

With Christmas a matter of weeks away, the countdown is on to accumulate the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you have a shinnichi in your life, or are just on the hunt for more unique Christmas present ideas, we are here to make your decisions a lot easier! Japan boasts some of the most beautiful and unique gifts in the world. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to visit Japan over the coming weeks, we have put together a list of our top 10 Japanese Christmas present ideas bound to impress your loved ones this festive season.

Top Ten Japanese Christmas Present Ideas

  1. Kimono

Know someone visiting Japan in the future? Or know someone who simply loves Japan? An Authentic Kimono is one of the most perfect Japanese Christmas presents possible. Their versatile design makes them a must-have for upcoming holidays or relaxing around the home. Our authentic Kimonos, also known as yukata or nemaki in Japanese, are made from the finest quality cotton, polyester and silk and come in a wide range of prints and sizes suitable for all ages and genders.

Japanese gift ideas - kimonos

  1. Black and White Cat Japanese Bowl Set

If you’re sourcing Japanese Christmas presents for the cat lover in your life, look no further than our duo rice bowl set! This set includes black and white rice bowls with cat face designs, as well as two sets of chopsticks. These bowls are perfect for western and oriental meals or even to be used cereal bowls. A lovely Christmas gift for someone you know or even a nice treat for yourself.

Japanese Christmas presents - sushi bowls

  1. Haiku Art and Poetry Japanese Calendar

Everybody needs a wall calendar! Whilst we have a whole selection on offer, our personal favourite has to be this Haiku calendar from the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, which features magnificent Japanese artwork and poetry on each page.

Japanese gift ideas - wall calender

  1. Sasa Japanese Sake Set

Christmas is all about celebrations, singing and Sake! One of our favourite Japanese presents, this Japanese Sake set contains a ceramic sake pot and 4 sake cups all decorated with bamboo designs. Sake is a delicious rice wine which can be enjoyed hot or cold, perfect for the winter holidays. Invite friends and family around this Christmas and enjoy a nice glass of Sake.

Unique Christmas present ideas - sake set

  1. Red Floral Traditional Japanese Jewellery Box

If you’re searching for something a little different then this jewellery box is certainly for you. A spin on a usual jewellery box, the floral traditional jewellery box has a twist-to-open pouch which was traditionally used to keep incense however know is used for jewellery and keepsakes. Available in a range of colours and designs, this jewellery box is certainly unique and super adorable.Unique Christmas present ideas - jewellery box

  1. Snow Girl Japanese Wooden Kokeshi Doll

The Snow Girl Kokeshi Doll is a perfect gift for Christmas. Decorated in snow-coated huts and trees on a winter day, it would be hard to find a more festive present! A traditional Japanese design with a lovely winter twist, this piece would make a superb choice for any lovers of Japanese traditional culture. Hard to come by in the UK, Kokeshi dolls are ideal if you’re seeking more unique Christmas present ideas, especially for recipients with an eye for all things cute and cultural.

Japanese Christmas Presents - Snow Girl Kokeshi Doll

  1. Ginsai Sakura Japanese Sushi Set

Allowing you to recreate authentic Japanese dining at home, this Ginsai Sakura sushi set is the perfect Japanese Christmas present idea for any sushi fanatic! A traditional Japanese design, this plate set has been glazed black with a delicate silver cherry blossom motif. The beautiful set contains two Japanese ceramic plates, matching dishes, and two wooden chopsticks. Made in Japan, this set is a truly traditional Japanese present.

Unique Christmas present ideas - sushi set

  1. Lucky Cat Japanese Coin Purse

Share luck this season and give a Lucky Cat Japanese coin purse to a loved one. The Lucky Cat or maneki neko design is printed onto the white and gold coloured soft-feel cotton purse. The Lucky Cat is a widely recognised iconic figure amongst the Japanese and is known to bring luck and wealth to people. Perfect for a friend who needs a little more luck in their lives.

Japanese gift ideas - coin purse

  1. Cherry Bark Handmade Japanese Tea Caddy Set

Crafted entirely from wild cherry tree bark, this Japanese tea caddy set contains a Japanese tea caddy, a tea scoop and stylish balsa wood box. As the piece is crafted from a natural material, every piece will be unique. Decorated in a delicate cherry blossom design, this tea caddy set is stunning. A superb gift for those who truly love Japanese culture and design.

Japanese Christmas gifts - Tea Caddy

  1. Katana Japanese Letter Opener

A Christmas gift list would not be complete without a letter opener.  However this is not your ordinary, run of the mill letter opener but a katana Japanese letter opener and it is as amazing as it sounds! This stylish oriental design is shaped like a katana, or a Japanese sword, and demands your full attention. Accompanied by a decorative handle, casing and a key ring attachment making it a unique accessory to any outfit. Open your belated Christmas cards in style this year!

Unique Christmas present ideas - letter opener

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift can be a daunting task. However, knowing that your loved one is an admirer of the Japanese lifestyle makes it a little easier. Hopefully our list has helped you to choose the ideal Japanese Christmas present for the holidays. Still a little stuck for choice? Have a look at The Japanese Shop for a wide range of Christmas Gifts, or contact us directly and we’ll gladly advise! We offer free gift wrapping on all orders, free returns, and ship worldwide.

Be sure to keep reading our blog also if you wish to learn more about about Christmas in Japan, such as the etiquette of Japanese gift-giving and how to prepare for a Japanese Christmas.

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