New tableware just came from Japan!

I am soooo excited to see  new tableware stock from Japan, hope you are, too!

At the moment Hiromi is sorting those out and I am helping her out.


tableware stock


When we all sort this out, Jez will put those in our web-site. Hopefully it is not long that you can order!


By the way,  I would like to introduce myself today.

I am Nai, I have been working at the Japanese Shop for couple of months now. If you had placed order within, you would receive invoice with N mark, which is me!

I had worked at The Japanese Shop in Harrogate shop for several years ago. You may have seen me if you visited that moment!


I am going to post a blog as a staff point of views, and I am going to tell you about Japanese cultures, like Japanese home cooking,  cultures, J-pop music, Manga etc. Hopefully you may be interested in some of those.

I let you know now, my English is not perfect as English is not my first language. You will find some mistakes, but I hope you get what I would like to say.


I am also excited about those, because  I will make some Japanese food and use those tableware. I will update to blog so that you can see the food recipes and my presentation. Then you will get some idea for your supper or dinner and how to use those Japanese tableware.

I am going to use all ingredients where you can buy from us and normal supermarkets. So you can try and taste Japanese food at your home!


Well, I will update food this weekend! Please wait for it!


Arigato! (Thank You!)


The Japanese Shop



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