Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day 2014

Chichi No Hi! Top 10 Gifts for Fathers Day 2014

Make Your Father’s Day with Our Inspiring Japanese Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is fast approaching. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, these top 10 gifts for Fathers Day 2014 offer up a wide range of Japanese gift ideas that will help you treat him to something truly special this year.

Daruma kimonoTop 10 Gifts for Fathers Day 2014

1. Kimono. Show your dad how much he means to you with an authentic Japanese kimono. If you’re feeling really generous go for a silk one; for a more economical but no less dapper alternative, choose pure cotton.

2. Sake set. Kanpai (‘cheers’)! Toast your father’s health with a beautiful ceramic sake set. Sake is traditionally served with snacks such as sashimi, so why not treat him to both? Tips on serving and drinking sake can be found here; to find out how to prepare sashimi, click here.

3. Japanese knife. Japanese knives are globally renowned for their incredible sharpness and strength, making them the gift of choice for the dad who loves to cook.

Tako karakusa tea cup4. Authentic Japanese tea cup. Embrace wabi-sabi (the Japanese aesthetic of imperfection) with a handmade, hand-painted Japanese tea cup like this stunning tako karakusa (octopus vine) one, pictured left.

5. Chopstick set. If your dad is a big fan of Japanese food, why not provide him with the correct eating implements for it? Include chopstick holders so they don’t fall off the table and, if anyone in your family hasn’t eaten with chopsticks before, prepare to be amused…

6. Daruma. Modelled upon Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism, the Japanese daruma doll symbolises perseverance and good luck, making this a great gift for a father who is embarking on a new enterprise. To find out more about the history of daruma dolls, please read our previous post.

General samurai kokeshi doll7.  Samurai kokeshi. Whether your dad has a penchant for samurai films or is a budding martial artist himself, a samurai kokeshi doll will go down a treat. We also have ninja dolls for sneaky dads, and warriors for valiant ones!

8. Kanji print. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if you can’t express how you feel with words, say it with kanji (calligraphy art). Saren Nagata has some beautiful art prints with thoughtful messages such as ‘thank you so much’, ‘you made a difference’ and ‘peace and love’.

9. Japanese calligraphy set. If your dad’s learning to write in Japanese, or if he simply just loves his arts and crafts, a professional calligraphy set will keep him occupied for months and even years to come.

10. Arty address books. Does your dad know his Hokusai from his Hiroshige? Is he always losing people’s contact details? If you answered yes to either question, an arty address book featuring Japanese paintings could be the one.

Which is your favourite of our top 10 gifts for Fathers Day 2014? Anything vital that we’ve missed off the list? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, visit our website for all of these and many more authentic Japanese Father’s Day gifts, all made in Japan and gift wrapped free of charge.

Chichi no hi (‘Happy Father’s Day’)!

–          The Japanese Shop

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