Top 12 Christmas Gifts – Feng Shui Good Fortune Lucky Cat M

Bring Someone Luck This Christmas with the Feng Shui Good Fortune Lucky Cat M

Feng Shui Good Fortune Lucky Cat M

The Japanese Lucky Cat is also known as Maneki Neko, which means the beckoning cat. According to legend the Lucky Cat is based on a story about a poor priest and his cat that looked after the Gotokuji Temple in Tokyo. During a storm the cat beckoned a samurai warrior to safety, who was taking shelter outside under a nearby tree, by raising his paw.

As the warrior moved, a bolt of lightning struck a tree, causing it to fall down to the ground where he had been just moments before. To show his gratitude to the cat for saving his life, the warrior, who was a very wealthy man, rewarded the temple with funding.

The ceramic Feng Shui Good Fortune Lucky Cat M from The Japanese Shop has a gold finished and raised left paw. This is believed to invite riches and bring good fortune to its owner, making it a superb gift to give to a friend or loved one at Christmas time.

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