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Premium quality meticulously blended organic

Japanese Incense

Beautiful gift sets with a fine delicate aroma!

Japanese Incense Sticks

Japanese Incense is widely regarded as being the best quality incense in the world, perfect for aromatherapy or meditation or just creating a calm, relaxing spiritual environment around the home. All our Japanese Incense Sticks are made using a meticulously blended fragrance which incorporates a wide range of high quality, natural ingredients in a variety of different combinations. Browse our exclusive collection of Japanese Incense beautifully presented in stylish packaging for the perfect Japanese gift.

Hanga Lotus Japanese Incense
209 in stock now
Hanga Plum Japanese Incense
212 in stock now
Hanga Pine Japanese Incense
210 in stock now
Hanga Apple Japanese Incense
104 in stock now
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