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Japanese Accessories

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Japanese Home Accessories

Add a touch of Japanese style to your home or wardrobe with our stylish range of authentic Japanese Accessories. Discover our exclusive collection of Kabazaiku, a beautiful range of Japanese Home Accessories which are expertly handcrafted from the bark of cherry trees! Complete your traditional Japanese outfit with an obi belt and a pair of tabi socks or ward off evil spirits with a set of Japanese wind chimes and choose from our stylish range of Japanese Accessories online now.

Black Flower Japanese Pouch Bag
10 in stock now
Red Flower Japanese Pouch Bag
New stock arriving soon
Bamboo Japanese Fan Stand
30 in stock now
Blue Japanese Compact Mirror
35 in stock now
Purple Flower Japanese Pouch Bag
20 in stock now
Pink Flower Japanese Pouch Bag
22 in stock now
Red Mount Fuji Japanese Fan Card
429 in stock now
Large Burgundy Vintage Japanese Silk Obi
was: 117.65
1 in stock now