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Authentic Japanese Bowls

The Japanese Shop offers a unique collection of beautiful Japanese Bowls which have been made in Japan from the finest quality earthenware, porcelain and lacquer. Our ceramic Japanese bowls are suitable for everyday use and ideal for noodles, soups and all kinds of Japanese meals. Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself, our stylish Japanese lacquer bowls are perfect for modern, casual but stylish home dining. Order your Japanese Bowl online and have it gift wrapped free of charge, or visit us at our showroom for this and many more traditional Japanese gifts!

Black Lacquer Japanese Miso Soup Bowl
151 item(s) left in stock
Botan Ceramic Japanese Tayou Bowl
40 item(s) left in stock
Maizuru Crane Japanese Tayou Bowl
42 item(s) left in stock
Inban Japanese Ceramic Tayou Bowl
49 item(s) left in stock
Grey Crackleglaze Japanese Rice Bowl
24 item(s) left in stock
Black Lacquer Japanese Noodle Bowl
166 item(s) left in stock
Seikaiha Japanese Ramen Noodle Bowl
455 item(s) left in stock
Zen Wabi White Japanese Bowl Set
was: £19.00
15 item(s) left in stock
Black and White Cat Japanese Bowl Set
57 item(s) left in stock
Tenmoku Black Japanese Ramen Bowl
57 item(s) left in stock
Ginsai Sakura Japanese Bowl Set
was: £24.00
34 item(s) left in stock
Blue Cat Japanese Rice Bowl Set
1 item(s) left in stock
Tochiri Japanese Ramen Bowl Set
31 item(s) left in stock
Dami Japanese Noodle Bowl Set
7 item(s) left in stock
Namishippou 5pce Japanese Bowl Set
12 item(s) left in stock
Shirokessho Japanese Ramen Bowl Set
1 item(s) left in stock