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Japanese Noodles are a staple part of everyday Japanese cuisine. They are often served in soups, hot dishes or chilled with dipping sauces. The main types we offer are Ramen which are thin, wheat-based noodles, Udon which are white, wheat-based noodles and the thickest of all the Japanese noodles and and Yakisoba, which are actually Chinese style noodles but are now a famed Japanese dish.

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Japanese Handkerchiefs are a handy everyday item that once you have one, you can’t live without them! We have a beautiful selection of traditional Japanese Handkerchiefs available in a range of vibrant colours and stylish designs. Our collection also comes in range of materials including quality Japanese Cotton Handkerchiefs to suit every taste and budget. Order your Japanese Handkerchief online today and have it gift wrapped free of charge. Visit our showroom for more traditional Japanese items and browse our entire collection.