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Japanese Pens

Calligraphy was introduced to Japan as long ago as AD 600, influenced by Zen Buddhism, and remains one of the most beautiful forms of oriental art. Try your hand at Japanese symbols and enter the state of mushin with our Japanese brush pens and fountain pens. All our pens are from Japan, making them some of the best Japanese pens in the UK.

Japanese Brush Pens

Explore our selection of sable and weasel hair tip brush pens, perfect for sumi-e drawing, calligraphy or painting. The brush tip offers both broad and fine brush strokes, depending on the pressure you apply to up and downstrokes. Many of our brush pens are presented in stunning Paulownia tree wooden gift boxes along with extra ink cartridges.

Japanese Fountain Pens

Our Natural Kuretake Japanese Fountain Pens are lightweight and beautifully balanced, with 14ct gold nibs for a truly enjoyable writing experience. These deer-horn and acrylic resin pens are presented in beautiful empress tree wooden gift boxes. Browse our limited-edition selection today for the perfect opportunity to buy Japanese pens for yourself or as a special gift.