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Irresistibly cute, hand carved, hand painted, authentic

Kokeshi Dolls

Traditional wooden dolls symbolising love and friendship!

Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

Originally made in Japan hundreds of years ago, Japanese Kokeshi Dolls have stood the test of time and still remain a popular Japanese gift today. Our Kokeshi Dolls are made using the same traditional carving methods from Cherry and Mizuki trees and painted by hand which ensures that, unlike cheap imitations made from resin, all of our Kokeshi Dolls are completely authentic as well as really cute!

Kokeshi Dolls are traditionally carved without arms or legs, instead having a simple trunk with an enlarged head to imitate the human shape. The beautiful hand painted designs give these Japanese Kokeshi Dolls their charm, bringing them to life as the ideal Japanese gift!

Buy your Japanese Kokeshi Dolls online or visit us at our showroom for this and many more traditional Japanese gifts!