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An exclusive collection of traditional and contemporary

Japanese Tableware

Perfect for casual but stylish home dining!

Authentic Japanese Tableware

Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself, our Japanese Tableware is ideal for modern, casual and stylish home dining. Improve your dexterity with a pair of chopsticks or host your own Japanese style dinner party and enjoy a traditional Japanese drink in one of our ceramic Japanese sake sets. All our Japanese Tableware is dishwasher and microwave safe with the exception of our crackleglaze and lacquerware ranges. Browse our authentic Japanese Tableware collection online now.

Green Leaf Traditional Japanese Plate
was: Kr119
23 in stock now
Aogumo Ceramic Sushi Japanese Plate
was: Kr107
29 in stock now
Aogumo Large Ceramic Japanese Bowl
was: Kr286
36 in stock now
Midori Square Japanese Serving Platter
was: Kr298
47 in stock now
Brown Leaf Traditional Japanese Plate
was: Kr119
53 in stock now
Yukishino Traditional Japanese Sushi Plate
was: Kr119
85 in stock now
Aogumo Small Round Japanese Dish
was: Kr60
24 in stock now
Large Green Leaf Japanese Serving Platter
was: Kr357
12 in stock now
Aogumo Square Ceramic Japanese Dish
was: Kr83
28 in stock now
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