The History of Kokeshi

Traditional Wooden Japanese Dolls

Japanese Kokeshi Dolls were originally crafted by farmers in northern Japan as toys for their children and grandchildren but are now recognised as traditional Japanese folk art. Our award-winning Kokeshi are Traditional Wooden Japanese Dolls still largely handmade from cherry or mizuki trees using traditional methods and usually feature girls' faces and gorgeous floral designs. Every doll is given its own name by the craftsman who lovingly created it ensuring that every Kokeshi Doll radiates its own individual spirit.

The wood is cut and left to dry for six months and then cut into small pieces the size of Kokeshi before the edges are shaved and rounded off. The wood block is then roughly shaped into a doll with a plane on a lathe and further shaped with a smaller plane. The surface is then filed with a paper file before the face and body are drawn on and then painted with a brush. White wax or silicon wax is then applied on the lathe and the surface is polished.

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