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Japanese Pots

Add a touch of Japan to your kitchen with a Japanese earthen pot! Browse our selection of Japanese pots, from soy pots to Chawanmushi cups.

Soy Sauce Pots

The perfect blend of authenticity, functionality and beauty. Japanese soy sauce pots are the ideal addition to your kitchen with their many uses:

  • A pouring vessel for sushi dipping sauce
  • An easy way to add seasoning to noodles or soup at the table
  • A handy cooking companion when adding a dash of flavour to cooking

Chawanmushi Pots

Chawanmushi translates to ‘teacup steam’ or ‘steamed in a tea bowl’ and is a typical Japanese dish made from a savoury egg custard and toppings. Special Chawanmushi cups are used to steam the dish inside a saucepan of water. Because of the consistency of chawanmushi, it is usually eaten with a spoon, instead of chopsticks.